It’s All About Result$. Yours.

There are so many choices out there today for speakers and trainers. And they all naturally make various claims. We hope that you choose Doug Trenary and his company to be involved in your next meeting, training program, or project. But even if you don’t, let’s examine some key questions and straight answers to them that support why you should have.
We have both client bureaus/agents that represent Doug and naturally many end-user clients. To keep the language simple, our dialogue will reference “you” as an end-user experiencing Doug’s live impact, even though you may be a bureau representative with a client. So, please consider this train of thought on 7 key dynamics that determine maximum results from a speaker/trainer hire:

  1. What is a “result?”
  2. Why is Doug Trenary your best choice to help you get your desired results?
  3. Is there documented proof that he gets rave reviews and aids stellar financial results for clients?
  4. How does he do it in a partnership with you?
  5. What is your role and impact in getting desired results?
  6. At what levels can Doug partner with you?
  7. What does it all mean to you?

1. What is a “result”?

That depends on your current position, needs and point of view. Webster defines “result” as “to have a particular outcome or consequence.” And in business, let’s add that “results” have some sort of financial impact. Very simply, you and your company will shape the positive financial results you get or be exposed to the consequences of falling short of your goals or to be beaten by a competitor. So, pre-planned and positive results for you might be any of these:

Direct Financial Results: Measurable/Quantitative/Hard skill examples:

  • Sales to a higher level.
  • Greater profits on same sales.
  • Higher gross sales activity.
  • Shift to a stronger product, category or market position.
  • Enhance i.e. a price campaign.
  • Higher sales of a new person or product business unit or market segment.
  • Support existing training initiatives.
  • Impact and improve specific job review or business plan components.
  • Management results in sales numbers, coaching, and structure.
  • Productivity gains in employees; less mistakes, more clients touched and served, better inter-department coordination and cooperation.
  • Service gains in less problems, complaints, greater survey satisfaction, higher customer loyalty and retention.

Indirect Financial Results: Qualitative/Soft skill examples:

  • Communication internal and external.
  • Defined added value to your customer proposition.
  • Motivation and emotional management.
  • Preparation, organization, discipline, and tool usage.
  • Action orientation over intention orientation.
  • Sales culture focus.
  • Team-orientation and cohesion.
  • Ability to create effective step-by-step strategy.
  • Ability to do what the mind creates; exercise the will.
  • Rebounding from setbacks.
  • Perform out of the box and beyond expectations or the known.

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2. Why is DT your best choice to help get your desired results?

It’s not about the speaker. It’s about client results. No choice for your project will exceed Doug’s proven impact. Consider these realities of why he is able to help you get results:

  • Evidence: Responds from over 20 years in business with proof that his results model is better and more adaptable than other choices.
  • Success: Built a successful business with a team of employees and associates from nothing but the belief in a dream coupled with the courage to take a risk.
  • Experience: Relates to any group or generation because of the rare blend of a professionally young age yet with over two decades of professional results-getting for clients.
  • Depth: Counsels and trains across companies and channels; not just one skill or department:CEO’s, presidents, VP’s, sales and service managers, HR managers, sales and service reps, technical reps, and (in some cases) your customer.
  • Background: Balanced from a broad profile of former college basketball player and honor graduate, Lanier superstar rep and sales manager, entrepreneur, community leader and contributor, coach, husband, and father.
  • Flexibility: Speaks with authority, can train full days or extended programs, consult or evaluate, and has trained across a vast array of industries and absorbed wide best practices.
  • Content: Achieved the honors of both award-winning author and speaker.
  • Process: Produces results because its very design, questions, and assumptions are simply better and more applicable to your business’s challenges.

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3. Is there proof that Doug produces results for clients?

Twenty plus years worth. And of course, this involves some detail. There are 2 types of solid “proof,” qualitative (reaction), and quantitative (numerical/financial) that a speaker, trainer, or author’s influence has consistently (and predictably) affected behavior changes in an audience (or reader or listener)….changes that have created the cause/effect of increased results. Those results again might be higher sales, profits, market shares, leader/manager effectiveness, closing and negotiation ratios, new product and cross-line penetrations in accounts, etc.
First, here are a few of many examples of the qualitative results from audiences.. These are reactions, approvals, ovations, testimonies, satisfaction surveys, re-bookings, multi-speaker comparisons, referrals, etc. Here are just a few recent ones:
Speech or single-event: “I was pleased, but not surprised that the program evaluations rated the entire program a huge success. You were able to connect with the veterans, as well as the relative newcomers to our organization.”
-Nick W. Massengill, VP Sales and Marketing, Robert Bowden, Inc.

Trade association conventions: “Many registrants who had only planned to attend your half-day on Thursday actually changed their plans, stayed over and came on Friday too. In fact, you got the highest ratings of the entire convention, even higher than our celebrity keynoter!”
-Steve McCurdy, Chairman, CalScape Expo

Reaction to his book: “This is sales training PLUS! Real challenges are identified and set the reader free to address them. The energetic tone renews the soul of the salesperson whose enthusiasm is waning.”
-Writer’s Digest, Internationally-published review with “excellent” rating of 97% across 4 rating categories.

Leadership/management training: “To manage a large group of employees effectively, I have taken and applied from your training in this last year that a benchmark is established, that expectations are communicated consistently, and that the related training actions and results are monitored. I’m also happy to report that your training and its impact was a factor in my being promoted from a smaller district in Tulsa to now run Los Angeles. Thanks for making your training sessions useful, and very pertinent to our business and the situations and challenges that we face each day!”
-John Blunt, District Manager, Sherwin Williams Co., Los Angeles

Second, here are just a few of many examples of the quantitative (numerical) results from clients.. These are cases where DT has generated an influence, client behaviors have then been implemented with the possession of refined skills, and then a financial outcome over a period of time has been recorded where DT’s influence can be credited as a strong variable in that result:
Speech or single-event: “Two weeks after attending Doug Trenary’s association “Salesmind” seminar, I closed a 423,000.00 deal! His teaching was the key.”
-Pat DeZeeuw, Botanical Technologies

Custom training programs: “Regarding our measurements coupled with interviews with our managers, we can state that your customized value and price increase training programs for us have helped add millions in profits to same-sales comparisons relative to previous price increase attempts without this training, which validates the training’s true impact. This incredible outcome also represents at least a doubling of those categorical margin results that were historically achieved. Our store managers will be next”
-Robert Orme, Chief Pricing Analyst, Sherwin Williams Co., SW Division

Book-reader results: (In 2004, Masco Contractor Services, a 4B division of Masco, Inc., purchased over 1200 SalesMind books for their sales force nationally and also instituted a 90-day test-market campaign in their TX division to measure the direct sales results their sales reps achieved after reading and applying the book’s techniques in the field. The following is one of many published successes submitted):

“After reading your book and zeroing in on your “Value” chapter, I took the challenge head-on of calling for meetings with 2 production builders (G. Hartman and Highland) where we were faced with the possibility of losing their account because we were the high bidder. I greatly strengthened my position in meeting with them by reviewing in detail with them face to face the 5 top reasons of value that our service contributes to them. They were so impressed, we also not only kept the former level of business with G. Hartman, but also picked up a couple more subdivisions of theirs coming on line. Doug, this is a tremendous and usable book.”
-Charles Kelley, MCS/Williams, San Antonio

Again, knowing your time is valuable in assessing all of these cases, please email us at or call us at (404) 931-8779 and we will send you detailed case examples of measurable results within many scopes and industries from 20 years of performing for clients.
Please also visit our testimonials page for even more client success stories. It’s all about results.

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4. How does he do it in a partnership with you?

Okay, we know that last section had some meat to digest, so we’ll return to an overview. Doug has developed over many years an exclusive formula he calls “The Triangle of Power.” That triangle is the absolutely unique formula of how he shapes a speech, training program, or consulting project between three groups: The audience, management, and himself (and sometimes the audience’s customer). The power comes from 2 components, his content and role with you, and their impact is evident from wherever Doug has been:
One: Custom content: DT takes your needs and problems and responds with action-based solutions.
Two: Doug’s flexible role in the client equation:

  • Client message: DT can absorb into a company or association and become part of the leadership message.
  • Audience reaction: DT is both credentialed and personable and is therefore respected by and reacted to powerfully and favorably by crowds of any size.
  • Immediate result: DT will accomplish at program’s end a personal action-challenge written down and committed to by each attendee to evoke immediate and ultimate targeted results.
  • Partner: DT can become a permanent and long-term outside, third-party contributor who has the experience, flexibility and skill to:Assess (look at an issue and analyze), Respond (digest and report back), and/or Take Directives and Produce (Receive an established message and enhance it).

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5. What is your role/impact in getting desired results?

It’s crucial. DT does not speak messages outside of management’s or a meeting planner’s objectives. But the customer role in results-getting and resource allocation is clear: Client ROI will be related always to your degree of:

  • Emotion: Intensity of client for this message to have impact after the speech.
  • Investment:Scope of commitment of financial and management resources.
  • Time:Length of program’s diligence for accomplishing targeted results.
  • Discipline:Management’s and trainee’s abilities to hold and be held accountable to measure and enforce needed changes to close performance gaps.

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6. At what levels can DT partner with you?

Many. That depends on how the roles and investment mentioned prior are defined. Here are three:

  • Project: DT takes the speech, consulting or training challenge and to help advance your people forward from where they are now to where you want them to go. This is the “catalyst” role that puts octane and impact within your own message or corroborates its validity from an outside source. The initial project process is:
    1. Defining status quos of the client.
    2. Establishing goal result from the event.
    3. Event execution.
    4. Impact to audience received.
    5. Post-meeting management reinforcement.
    6. Accountability by managers of attendee’s commitments.
    7. Measurement of results over a time frame.
    8. Further coaching actions for more adjustments toward even higher achievement levels.
  • Campaign: DT conducts multiple events, varied employee targets, in-conjunction with existing company training, and within a wider time frame, i.e. one year to enact and measure a cause-effect introduction.
  • Culture: DT takes a partnership role within the management team to assess, devise, enhance, reinforce, and direct human capital growth within an improved management, sales and service culture.

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7. What does it all mean to you?

  • You can just follow the reactions and results Doug has evoked and helped produce for well over 2 decades…and claim them too!
  • You don’t risk that he’s done your challenge successfully. He’s done it….and is always excited to do it again for you!
  • You can come to Doug with wherever your theme, ideas, details, and goals of the challenge are at…..and he will help you both better define them (now or before the event) and where you desire them to be (future or after the event).
  • You will enjoy working with him…..he’s fun! He’ll bring a balance of being positive and energetic with being tough-minded and focused…..on one thing: YOUR RESULT$.

We hope this discussion has been useful in assembling your perspective and decisions about the real meat behind results-getting influences on your people.
If we can be of further service, please call us at (404) 931-87799 or

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