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    THE SALESMIND 6 CD Audio Set


    His powerful reflection of Doug’s book is for the both the beginner and veteran sales pro alike. However, unlike most audio programs, this is not a re-read of the book, but rather a complimentary tool with lots of extra examples, situations, and stories. Hundreds of studio hours were invested to produce a fast-paced, tight audio version of “The SalesMind” for individual or group learning. Doug makes this program special by talking directly to you, the listener, not an auditorium crowd. Fans of the audio program say this conversational aspect is worth the investment alone. The program also comes with a 23-page work guide.

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  • value game



    It’s a fact–the most successful sales people in the world communicate and deliver value to buyers in every way possible. Value thinking and language consume SalesMinds-and it pays off in income! The SalesMind Value Game will teach you to not only determine what exact value your buyer wants but also to unlock the secrets to integrate value into every sales call-and get the price and profits you want!

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  • unplugged

    THE SALESMIND Unplugged 3-DVD


    Can you imagine the leap your business career and income would take if you had a world-class trainer right in your living room teaching you the bottom-line secrets of sales success? Now you can with Doug Trenary’s newest powerhouse DVD set, The SalesMind Unplugged. Discover the most intimate strategies of sales legends in how to increase your own motivation, attract buyers who want to transact now, and turn every minute into a financial opportunity.

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  • bottom line

    The Bottom Line 6-CD Set


    Will you succeed without the rock-solid foundation of proven sales fundamentals? No way. But now, Doug will take you step-by-step through his proven system for sales success in selling anything. The sales closers who gets what they want-including a huge income-know they have to revisit “boot camp” every year to keep their core skills sharp. Doug’s camp will take you deep inside the strategies, techniques, and psychology of every aspect of selling.

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  • Bonus-6-set-w-successmind

    (BEST DEAL) 6 Product Discount


    All six regular price of $239.00. Discount package price of $199.00. You save $40.90! You will get: The SalesMind Value Game, The SalesMind Unplugged 3-DVD Set, The SalesMind Book, The SalesMind 6 CD Audio Set, The Bottom Line 6-CD Set, and  “THE SUCCESSMIND” absolutely free!