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What is a SalesMind?

A SalesMind is a sales master who recognizes that one key dimension in the relationships of life, business, and sales is the acquisition of positive leverage and position. Leverage is the attempt to get a position of strength between variables. Position is the resulting advantage or disadvantage of that leverage. Professional selling must certainly be viewed through this perspective. You have leverage and position with yourself, you with the economy, you with your company, you with your suppliers, you with your competition, and finally, you with your customers. The SalesMind presents twelve powerful laws to help you immediately position these relationships more successfully.

Why be a SalesMind?
A SalesMind is the Tiger Woods of golf. The Edison of inventors. The Einstein of physics. The Master of sales. Although many play the sales game, SalesMinds have a better foundation for excellence on which all of their skills can grow. They give the most willing service, their customers and managers love them the most, they feel the best physically and emotionally, and they make the most money with their available time. Their level of thinking is simply higher, their fundamentals sharper, and their principles more powerful. Everyone today is looking for a faster and more profitable sales results with a simpler system. The SalesMind is that system.
– Doug Trenary

What Is “The SALESMIND” Format?

DESIRE! (How To Leverage Yourself)

  1. Focus: Mastering Concentration ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Your two focal jobs, “Internal” or “External?,” Association, Bad-to-good focus, Perspective.
  2. Purpose: Increasing Motivation ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Identity, Values, Beliefs, Goals, Balance.
  3. Action: Executing Intention ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? The inverse relationship of action, Act on what,? The 2 types of action, Action allocation, “Slump” actions.
  4. Response: Handling Resistance This “SALESMIND” element describes ? It’s not what happens, it’s the response, Response mindset, 3 response dimensions, Sales response; absorb, practice, language and reflex.

PERSUASION! (How To Leverage Transactions)

  1. Connection: Gaining Trust ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Connection is ?pure,? 6 steps of connection, The beginning of leverage.
  2. Value: Personalizing Benefit ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Universal value, Specific business value, Personal life value, Credibility value, Uniqueness value.
  3. Urgency: Accelerating Value ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Push or help now?, Urgency formula, B.O.I.T. “Inherent” and “Instilled”, “Degree of difficulty”.
  4. Leverage: Attracting Transaction ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Leverage of yourself, Team cooperation leverage, Quality per-sale leverage, Quantity leverage, Price leverage, Transaction leverage.

TIMING! (How To Leverage Opportunity)

  1. Priority: Identifying Profit ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? What are Priorities,? Effective priorities, Customers, Prospects, Written plan.
  2. Control: Processing Information ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? ?To them that have the data,? Role models, Power of process and sequence, Tools, ?Use? test.
  3. Coverage: Expanding Influence ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Quantity of ?wide? leverage, Known / Unknown,? Resource allocation, Contact mix.
  4. Adjustment: Maximizing Performance ? This “SALESMIND” element describes ? Adjustment, Motivation, Evaluation: quantitative or qualitative,? Adjustment degrees.

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